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Your complete guide to how bleaching works, the candidates, the latest techniques, and charming results.

Color of discolored and yellowed teeth for various reasons; It is a cosmetic solution applied to lighten a few personal tones. The natural colors of the teeth become darker with the effects of coffee, tea and cigarettes used over the years. Instead of having porcelain made to these teeth, the less harmful bleaching method is applied.

There are two types of bleaching procedures:

  1. Office bleaching, which is applied in the clinic (the system applied by the dentist in the clinic).
  2. Home bleaching (the system that the patient applies at home).

How long does it last after the whitening process?

The whitening process is usually permanent. However, excessive use of products such as tea and coffee may result in a 10-20% recycling rate. This is reinforced by a one-time procedure during regular checkups.

Will the whitening process damage my teeth?

As long as the whitening is done under the control of your dentist, it is quite safe. It will not harm your teeth or gums.

Can anyone have teeth whitening done?

Anyone can have teeth whitening, except for people with congenital discoloration of their teeth. After the examination, our dentist will inform you whether you can achieve results of the whitening process.

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