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Your complete guide to how laminate veneers works, the candidates, the latest techniques, and charming results.

What is Laminated Veneer Application?

Porcelain veneer application is the name given to the thin ceramic layer that replaces tooth enamel. It is also called leaf porcelain. Porcelain veneer that minimizes tooth tissue loss is applied by coating directly the enamel. Following the treatment, very good results are obtained in terms of both aesthetics and health.


In which cases the Laminated Veneer is Applied?

Laminate veneer that is applied on tooth enamel according to natural tooth color and shape, is a dental treatment method used for some problems related to chewing as well as aesthetic improvements such as tooth color, tooth shape or contours, broken teeth and tooth position. As a result of the treatment, it provides a natural tooth appearance and provides excellent results in terms of aesthetics.

Laminated Veneer is applied in the following cases;

  • In cases of color differences and/or deformities between teeth,
  • If the Patients with perplexed teeth do not want to receive orthodontic braces,
  • If the Patients have a large dental filling or tooth fracture of the anterior teeth,
  • If the Patients have gaps in their anterior teeth called diastema,
  • In cases where the gum appearance in a smile is too much.


How the Laminated Veneer is Applied?

Some preparations should be made before the treatment. A smiling conception is made that will be the most suitable for Patient. First of all, the gums must be healthy. Since the aesthetic expectation is high as the result of the procedure to be performed, treatments such as tartar cleaning and curettage should be applied first. In addition, if there is a deformity in the gums, it must be corrected. Initially, it is necessary to take oral measurements to stash the original state of the teeth and to do the necessary preliminary practices.

Laminated veneers are prepared with little intervention to the teeth. In some cases, without the need for intervention, only the size of the tooth is taken and the porcelain is prepared in the dental laboratory. The thickness of the finished laminated veneer is approximately 0.5 to 0.7 mm. Since the preparation is only made on the front surfaces of the teeth, it is among the conservative treatments.

How Should be the Care for the Laminate Veneer after the Treatment?

Their care is not different from that of natural teeth. It can be used for years if the Patients practice good oral care.

How are the Laminated Veneer Prices Determined?

Due to the predominance of aesthetics, there are different price options according to the material to be used and the number of teeth to be applied.

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